Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Surprise Success!

Having completely surprised a friend that has only been surprised once before in her life is quite a treat!

Last night I had a Baby Shower for Holly & Rob, flyball teammates. Most of the flyball team was here, along with their significant others, including children. I kept Roxie, a rescue, and Pacie in their crates while everyone was here. I know Roxie wouldn't have been good with that many people and especially the young children. Pacie, I'm not sure how he would've done with the kids and I wouldn't have been able to watch him as thoroughly as I would've needed to. So, to play it safe, they stayed in the bedroom. :)

Millie, Skootchie, and Freddie had a great time, were in as many laps as possible, and probably got a ton of food from everyone. There was only one incident with Millie and the kids, but she reacted the exact way I trained her to so I was extremely pleased with her!! I wasn't there to see it, but the parents were around and said it was appropriate. One of the kids pulled Millie's tail fairly hard and she made a "that hurts! knock it off" type of bark with a little bit of a growl. But, she didn't snap or put her mouth near the kids at all. I heard her and rushed in to the living room to find out what happened. Once I found out she reacted in an appropriate manner, she got a lot of praise and a couple of pieces of cake. :)

The party ended around 11pm, which I thought was good since there were a lot of pregnant people there. :) I have a lot of dishes to do today, but that's really it! The food came out great (Rob graciously stood outside and grilled everything that was marinated), and there's barely anything left. There is a ton of cake left (anyone want some??) because it was *huge*.

We didn't play any of those stupid games you're supposed to play, thankfully. :) It was just a great night talking, listening to Mike FM (which I became addicted to Friday), eating, and laughing. :) Holly did get to open a bunch of presents but I didn't really get to see it since I was cleaning up the BBQ and setting out the cake/deserts. I love hosting parties (not real formal ones), but it's a lot of work! I had a ball and it looked like everyone else did as well. :)

I've been lazy all morning, so I better get to the dishes and then get a jump on laundry & homework. Fun!


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