Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Just what is the attraction to winning the lottery? Is it dreaming that you'll never have to work again? Is it the financial security you'd have? Is it the thought of buying all of your loved ones everything they want? *Just* what is the attraction?

Say you did win the lottery, what would you do? Travel the world, buy a couple of houses in various states, buy a few cars.... then what? How long would you be content? A year? 5? 15?

What kind of purpose would your life then have? Would you care if it didn't have a purpose? Would you donate your time to some charity? Would you become a couch potato with a maid and a butler? Would you go to school for the hell of it? Get a job? What would you do with your time? Would your life have any meaning? Would you become one of those elite that could command hundreds and treat everyone like a serf?

What would you do for fun if the world was your oyster? Would fun be fun anymore? What if it wasn't? What would you do then? Get involved with the Hollywood Party scene and become a Paris Hilton type person? Known for nothing but how hard you party and what outfit you wear? Would you become addicted to anything? Would you mind being shallow?

What kind of person would you be? Would you be happy with yourself? Your life? What if you were miserable?

If you had the money and the means to make all of your dreams become reality, what would you dream about? Would your dreams just become bigger and more expensive? What if you ran out of dreams? Can you imagine not having any wishes or anything to look forward to? Yikes!

I don't know the answer to any of these questions. I don't know what I would do if I won millions. I also don't know what kind of person I would become. I'd like to think that I would still be me but just wouldn't worry about money. I'd like to think that I'd build a farm and that my furry kids would live the life of luxury. I'd like to think that I could finally transfer my cleaning responsibilities to someone else. :) But I don't know if I'd become a jerk, or if I'd just stay me.

I didn't buy a ticket for tonight's Powerball, so I guess my dreams will still be around for a while. :) Is that really such a bad thing?

My beautiful girl is lying right next to me looking at me with those incredible brown eyes. A glance over will cause her to wag her tail and give me kisses. Money can't buy that... :)


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