Sunday, February 24, 2008

a break is needed...

I think I will take the summer off from school again. I need a break, desperately. I love learning, I love looking forward to my next class, but it just takes a *lot* of time that, quite honestly, I could use back right now.

I still have a cough and the sniffles from being sick weeks and weeks ago. My throat was sore last week which made me panic, thinking I was getting it again. I'd like to not be up doing homework until midnight because I left work later than normal and then had to train the puppy in flyball and frisbee, do some sort of cleaning (gods I miss Silvane), make dinner for me, get it set for the pups, make lunch for tomorrow, have some me time somewhere in there, and do laundry, etc., etc.

I guess what it comes down to is I need to decide what's more important right now... school or working with Tweak.

Her little brain is sucking up everything I can throw at her and I don't want to lose that momentum. At the same time, I'm already not getting my Bachelors until I'm 40 and I really don't want it to go much farther than that. Then again, I've got 3-4 years left of school so taking a few months off now won't really kill me.

Ok, I've talked myself into it. Dawn gets the summer off! Yay!

What tipped it off was all the traveling I already have planned for the summer months. There was no freakin' way I would be able to get everything in on time while away.

But then again... Damn it. I'm so indecisive sometimes.


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