Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm ready...

For Spring. Tomorrow, please. Could you arrange that for me? I'd realllly appreciate it!

I'm ready for rain instead of snow. I'm ready for warmer weather instead of 18 degrees. I'm ready for tulips and violets and other green things. I'm ready to clean off the deck and get it ready for summer. I'm ready for birds chirping, grass growing, dogs lying in the sun, food grilling, and any other sound, taste or smell that brings spring time memories.

I'd also like to be rid of this damn cold or whatever it is that has me sniffling every other day, damn it.

I woke up this morning with a Border Collie on my head. Apparently she was done sleeping and thought it important that I know that. It's a good thing she only weighs 30-something pounds.

I found out yesterday that my "other" team is pulling out of this weekend's flyball tournament. I'm sure my team will love to have 100% of my attention but I can just imagine the types of jokes that will be going around because of it.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before or not but Freddie has slipped from the #5 Min Pin to the #6 Min Pin in flyball. Normally I'm actually not all that competitive in flyball. I don't much care about getting first place as I do about Freddie running cleanly and getting points. This weekend?

It's on.

My boy better be on his game because I'm out for points. He *will* be #5 again, very soon. He's going to be playing in every tournament in the region and every tournament we're traveling to out of region this year. Oh yeah, he'll be #5 again. Soon.

I have to make an appt. for Pacie to head to the vet's asap. I've doubled up on his food amount but he's still practically skeletal. My dogs are on the leaner side anyway (except Millie - you get a pass when you're old), but he's far leaner than even I like. Since he's getting twice the amount of food, his body is in overdrive doing something. I'm afraid it's his kidneys/liver but a quick blood test will tell me for sure. Now I just have to figure out when I can take the time off and when I can get him in to see Lisa.


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