Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Saturday!!

I haven't left the house since Thursday night. :)

I worked from home yesterday so I wouldn't have to deal with hours and hours in the car. Long rides are nothing for me, as proven by my 2 hour drives (each way) to Vermont on Sundays for round two of flyball practice, but 3 hour commutes to go less than 30 miles are soooo not my thing. So I got to stay inside and enjoy watching the snow fall without worrying about how long it would take me to get home. Snow is much, much prettier when you don't have to worry about it or if you get excited about it because you're going snowboarding or something.

I was sooooo tired last night I was actually in bed around 8:30pm doing Sudoku puzzles for an hour before passing out. The girls gave me what is becoming the customary racing stripe sized space in bed. I really need to get Millie's bed washed and back in the room so one of them will give me a break every now and then. Today's a good day to get the dog laundry done.

Earlier this week I got and email from an old, old friend that I haven't spoken to for many, many years. There is a ton to catch up on when you haven't spoken in 20 plus years. We went out to dinner and ended up closing TGIFridays. After lots of talking and laughing, he left around quarter to two. He can try and blame me for being tired and dragging ass the next day, but it ain't gonna work. After all, he *is* older and should know better....just sayin'.

Today is homework and cleaning day. I need to catch up on the stuff I didn't do Thursday night (notice how I'm not blaming anyone but myself?) and get going on all the stuff that's due this week. The most exciting part of today? I am getting my hair done. In my signature color. Today. Can you say giddy up? Since they've discontinued my hair color and I haven't figured out what's out there to replace it, this day should be a part of Dawn history.

I need a bit of a change. I need some fun back in my hair. I think I'll get ready for summer and toss some blonde back in it. It's getting kind of heavy too so I'll probably toss more layers in it while I'm there.

If you could only know how excited I am to get my hair done.

Damn what a girl-y thing to say. I'll wear my combat boots to negate the extra girl-yness.

But for now I have to go shovel myself out if I want to get there sometime today.


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Kim B said...

Woo-hoo ~ Can't wait to see the new haircolor !