Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Daylight Saving Time. A controversial subject that everyone has an opinion about. Enacted to save energy and have more light during the evening hours, the original concept dates back to 1784 - an idea conceived by Benjamin Franklin.

I am split completely in the middle with DST. On one hand, I can't wait to get home while the sun is still out. On the other hand, the loss of that one hour of sleep *kills* me. You can pretty much mess with anything in my life and I'll handle it. But, mess with my job, my money, my dogs or my sleep and there will certainly be hell to pay. Think mother bear protecting her cubs kind of hell to pay.

So, while I'm looking forward to having that extra hour of light so I can bring Tweak down to the park and throw the frisbee, I'm really dreading the change in my sleep pattern - that doesn't recover nearly as well as I'd like it.

I know, wah, wah. Like I have a friggin' choice. :)

Totally different topic: I miss my coffee mug. My very special travel mug is no longer here but is desperately wanted (read needed for caffeine reasons.) If anyone knows when I might receive said travel mug, I would be eternally grateful if someone could clue me in. :)

Off to work, sans travel mug filled with deliciously hot, steaming coffee.


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