Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Better today...

And I knew I would be, it just takes a little time. I'm sure I'll have other bad days about it but right now I'm ok.

LKH came out with not one but TWO new books today. I'm heading to the book store right after this post. I'm in the middle of JR Wards books but I'll wait to read the rest of them until after I read the latest in the Anita Blake series.

I *really* have to unload my car today. No more fooling around on that one with the price of gas! Plus I need to get back to training Tweak for flyball in the yard.

But first I have to find the yard. I went away for 5 short days and when I got back my house was surrounded by this really tall field of green. I have to try and cut it today or tomorrow after work. I'm seriously in awe of how quickly grass grows.... I wish my hair grew that quickly.

Speaking of which, I made an appointment to get it colored and cut next week. The day before heading off to Caledonia so I'll be nice and fluorescent. I'm trying to decide what funky thing to do to it next and I'm coming up blank. I haven't done the thick stripes in a while, maybe I'll do that.

Any suggestions?


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