Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a fan-freakin'-tabulous weekend! I *love* camp! Everyone I know should go to camp just because there is so much to do, the people rock, and it's all about dogs - having fun with them, learning about them, learning the how's and why's re: their behavior, having more fun with them, playing games with them, and learning how to take care of them. Camp Barking Hills rocks!

There was a couple from MA and a couple from VT there this year, which was great! It's good to have familiar accents mingled in with the NJ/NY accents.

I thought all of my classes went really, really well. Everyone seemed to enjoy what we did and learned a bunch. The absolute best kicker was hearing how one of the campers used techniques learned in my Building Drive class in one of Susan's classes. It's awesome that the camper proved the information was valuable, it was incredible that she was able to apply it during the weekend, but it was especially cool that it happened in front of the owner of the camp. If there was any doubt on the value of dog camp, that pretty much pulverized it right there.

The kids did really well too. Freddie was able to come out for flyball stuff. Tweak for drive and disc stuff, Millie for grooming and general hanging around and Pacie for pictures with Freddie. Jeannie from Close Encounters of the Furry Kind was there this year and we did some action shots of Tweak with the disc and some "pretty" pictures of the boys on a bench and in front of a bush. Pacie took off during one shoot and headed up to the patio area at full throttle. You'd think I starve the dog with how food motivated he is... he just doesn't like to earn it. :p

I wanted to get Tweak on the Lure course but alas my schedule never allowed me the time. I guess it's not such a bad thing since it's not like she needs an increase in drive in chasing anything but me. :p

I traded Wendi the chef my Dunkin Donuts koozy for the rest of the pork roll. You can't get it up here and I like it. :)

I still have to unpack the car, which might take several days as I have no motivation to do it today either. :p

The tugs and discs were a pretty good hit at camp! I was very pleasantly surprised with how many were sold.

I heard back from the insurance company. It looks like it is affordable and we can go ahead with starting the business the way I'd like to. I'll call the lawyer tomorrow and see what I need to do to get that ball rolling.

I have a ton of homework to do and I really need to do nothing else this week but catch up on it. Traveling while in school is just ridiculous. And I still have another trip planned...sigh.

I was supposed to make plans with Ken today to get more work done on the tattoo but it's not going to happen. I have to take my aunt somewhere today, bathe the dogs because they rolled in something wicked dead and stinky, shower myself, try to clean off the kitchen table enough so I can actually tell it's a table, then meet George for dinner later.

I'm not sure where my head is with the George thing. Frankly I'm so confused and unhappy about it all that I really just want to step away and call it a day. I've had a break from him while he was on travel and I was at camp and it's helped put things into perspective. Now I just need to get rid of my feelings, which is always the hardest thing to do. I wish there was a bridge between what I know will eventually happen and what's happening now. That would help the internal "Shazam! You're stupid!" comments from appearing whenever I think about it.

As great as camp was, Susan, Donna & I still feel like we got gypped. We never really got a chance to sit down and hang out at all. I just spent the last 5 days with them and I think I blogged more than I spoke to them. Clearly that's saying something! I'll just have to plan a long weekend down there after the insane summer is over.

I have to wash the pups now. I swear I would stay drier if I just got in the tub with them.


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