Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't break the height dog...

I won a Mother of the Year award this weekend when I tossed my dog down the lane and then kicked him. The saying for the weekend after that was "Don't break the height dog" courtesy of our friends in Revolution Flyball.

Freddie was having major issues this weekend and I'm not really sure why. Typically when he goes around a jump or spits a ball it's because he has to poop. Gross, but true nonetheless. When he kept screwing up in the lanes but still kept pooping, I had no idea what to think. He doesn't get that much food! He poops once, maybe twice during a tournament and then he's done. He pooped 5 times yesterday. Five. No animal weighing in at 11 lbs. should poop five times, it's just absurd.

I found out later what might have been the cause of such pooping but since we're home, it doesn't really matter. I'll just have to keep a better eye on the crating area next time.

Anyway, Freddie spit out the ball before crossing the line. I scooped him up and started running towards the start line so he could re-run cleanly. Apparently he wasn't quite ready for that because when I tossed him for a running start, he flopped over mid-air, landed on his back and rolled over 3 times. He scraped his face on the mat, bit his tongue and was quite shaken up when I picked him up to check on him. With reason as I am the biggest heel on the planet.

The best part about dogs? Besides the fact that they can occasionally bounce, is that the first thing he did when I picked him up is give me a couple of kisses. As I said, he seemed shaken up a bit but was otherwise fine. I put him down so we could set up for the next heat and I kicked him. Totally accidental, clearly. I was moving over to our set up point and he was right where I was stepping. I couldn't see him because my hair was in my face, which is no excuse. I'm such a loser.

After checking on him yet again, we set up for the next heat, which was thankfully our last.

So, I suck and you should never break your height dog.

I have to order frisbees for camp, figure out what the hell I'm going to say for each class, catch up on homework and get as much of that done as possible before going to camp in 2 weeks. I can't even *believe* it's only 2 weeks away. Seriously.

I have to borrow a box to bring with me too. And make a bunch of tugs to sell at the camp store. I should really write a to do list since it's getting to be more than I can remember.

I tried talking Mag (my Australian friend) into coming to the states and helping me settle my life out for a month or so but she can't. Her husband has some travel coming up and she needs to stick around for her dog, which I totally get. I wish I had a personal assistant. When they weren't organizing my life they could clean my house. I'd like that a lot. :)

Oh, Tweak did pretty good in her warm ups this weekend. I fried her brain once when I tried to send her over all 4 jumps for the ball with another dog in the lane next to us. I didn't think she was ready for that and she wasn't. Both nights before she was able to, she just wasn't ready for the distraction of a strange dog running next to her. We did recalls after that and she was great. She earned a warm up spot in Caledonia, which is really cool. And I have homework for her to do, which I'll start tonight now that I have a box and jumps again. I really need to order a box but I just don't have 1k hanging around doing nothing right now.

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