Sunday, May 18, 2008

We love frisbee...

My car prevented me from going to the flyball demo on Saturday - they replaced some sensor in/near the engine to see if that would stop it from doing the weird 30mph coasting thing it occasionally does. I will admit that even though I would've loved to have hung out with everybody, I didn't miss the 4 hour drive there and back for a 1/2 hour demo. Just sayin'...

Tweak & I love frisbee. A lot. We get to hang out with flyball people that we know, we get to go out and throw the frisbee, we get to take home some sort of plaque, and we get excellent advice at the end of the day (Thanks Sarah!)

So we took 1st place in Novice again. Looks like we're moving on to Intermediate now. Apparently they've been really nice to me since they booted other people out of novice the first time they won. Now they just have to have intermediate all the time! Or they can have Pro be the intermediate level and then just have Super Pro for Dan, Corinne, Mike & Barry.

For the first time ever, I saw deer on the way home today. George always looks for, and sees, deer in the trees along the highway. Of course the one time I can't tell him about it, I see not one, but two does. What are the chances? Damn it.

I'm getting totally psyched for camp I can barely stand to be with myself right now. I have more tugs to make but I did start packing up my containers with everything I need to bring. I'm using Millie as the demo dog for the how-to-dremel-your-dogs-nails class, which means I can't actually trim her nails right now. She's clicking louder than the keyboard keys and its driving me up the wall. Only 4 more days.....

I have homework to do, tugs to make and laundry to do so I'm outta here.


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