Friday, May 2, 2008

every other week

My life is about to get very interesting. Not that it isn't anyway, it'll just get a bit busier. I'll be heading out of town, starting this weekend, unexpectedly, and will continue heading out of town every other week for the rest of the summer it looks like.

I was supposed to go to a frisbee competition on Saturday and practice on Sunday. Neither are happening now.

I'd say more but I can't.

Anyway, I'll be a traveling fool for a while, which is a good thing.

The one class I need to take to graduate starts next Thursday.

I ordered a return air grille finally. It was an item that's been on the list-of-things-to-do-for-the-house since I bought it. I just didn't know what it was called and Home Depot never carried it in the size that I needed.

I also put in an order for some supplies for the business. I'm still in the developmental stages so I have to play around with stuff to get it just right.

I have an appointment with my lawyer next Thursday to go over business stuff, or more accurately, how to start a business kind of stuff.

NET's flyball tournament is next weekend. I'm staying with Jo in the camper so I can have all the kids with me.

Millie still smells like a skunk but the rest are ok for the most part. This is despite all of the home remedies and suggestions I've tried. I have two more left to try (thanks Cheryl!) and will let you know how that works out.

I'm in the middle of watching West Wing Season 3. It's darker than the first two seasons but I can understand why with everything that was going on at the time. I thought the 9/11 episode was especially well done.

I'm wicked excited about something that I can't talk about and it's driving me bananas.

Other than that... oh look, it's 1:11.


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