Friday, August 8, 2008

1 down, 2 to go

Kona, one of the rescues I'm fostering, found a home yesterday with Auntie Kim! I can't wait to hear how her nephews take the news of a new dog in the house. :)

That leaves me with 2, both of which have had potential homes inquiring after them. I would be thrilled if they were adopted before leaving for Canada again next week so my brother only has the normal amount to look after while I'm gone. He's good with the dogs, but I don't think he can handle 7 of them. :p

I'll make arrangements today for one home to meet with Pedro sometime this weekend and will send an app out to the family interested in Reco. Thankfully the calls of dogs coming in has slowed down too. It can pick up after Binbrook, I'm fine with that, but not before Canada!

I need to do as much cleaning as possible tonight so my sister doesn't have to sleep in a pit while staying over while I'm at a wedding. I also have to charge my camera so I can have plenty of photos to share.

Speaking of which, I have to get the pictures up of of

Sarah's birthday dinner and Mario & Cathy's 4th of July BBQ. I'll add that to the list of things to do for today, like it's not long enough. You know you're in deep shit when your to do list could be considered a novella at 8am. :p


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