Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hanging plants

I haven't done a thing with my garden this year - at least not as much as the last couple of years. But, it still looked pretty good if you can ignore the tall milk weed stalks growing up against the house. :p

The one thing I have trouble with? Every year? Hanging plants. I love them in the front of the house, but I kill them all the time. I don't mean to, and I'm not exactly sure how I do it either, but I do. Right now my hanging plants have 2 flowers each on them and are more brown than green. I think they *say* they can take full sun all day, but in reality they really can't handle as much sun as the front of my house gets. That could just be a cop out, who knows.

I water them, I feed them, I pluck all the dead flowers off, I don't know what else to do. The side that's facing the house doesn't look nearly as bad as the front, which is what makes me think the sun is the culprit. I'll take them down, give them a good soaking, trim off all the dead stuff and give them a couple of days of not so much sun to see how they do. If they don't come back, they'll join the empty husks of hanging plants from years past.

Freddie and I are heading to All Dogs today for the tournament. It should be fun and will be quite a treat for him since I won't have Tweak with me. He gets a little full of himself when he has me to himself so I'm sure there will be a lot of grumbling when we get home - Freddie telling everyone to keep their distance 'cuz he's too sexy for them. He's a hoot.



Eastcoastdweller said...

Take it from someone who has grown everything from Venus fly traps to fig trees. Forget the hanging plants. Just don't bother. Plants were never meant to grow in pots suspended in the air and they respond to their freakish predicament by simply dying.

Dawn said...

That would explain it!!

But they look so nice before they die!