Sunday, August 24, 2008

A weekend of my own...

My weekend consisted of only one dog thing - practice on Saturday. Of course there was 6 hours of driving for said practice, but for dog stuff, that was it! Aunty Michelle might be taking Tweak for a few weeks to tighten up the things I can't do on my own. If I had one or two people here to help it would be a different story but alas, I do not.

While driving from the Bershires to home, I saw things that made me long for my childhood when things weren't as complicated. I saw kids walking home from the local watering hole with tubes over their shoulders. No shoes, no grownups, just kids doing kid things on a beautiful summer afternoon. I saw families at a small ice cream stand at the side of the road. I saw rolling rivers and country living. I saw farms and animals on said farms. It was idyllic and calming and not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, let me tell you.

Of course, before that I saw a bear crossing sign and after that was a moose crossing sign - two animals I really don't want to meet in person, thanks anyway. :p

I found out my mother was in town on Saturday and stopped to chat with her and her friends at Kowloons. I thought I would see her today, as I invited her up, but apparently there wasn't enough time. I really don't know why I let her bother me at times since she'll never change and I can either take it or leave it. Let me tell you how close that decision is made by a coin sometimes.

Today I went out to breakfast with Sue & Neely. I taught him lots of useful things, like playing En Guarde! with spoons and making towers out of empty creamer cups. It's good being the aunt. :p We did a bit of shopping afterwards and then parted ways.

After that I poked around the house a bit, did a couple of dishes, vacuumed the pool, threw the frisbee for Tweak, played a couple of games and did some web stuff. It was a lazy day, a good day. I have a ton of cleaning to do and I might even get to it sometime this week (doubtful) or something but I was able to push it all aside to keep my zen state of mind.

Right now I'm nice and relaxed and ready for bed. I'm gonna slide into the soft sheets, read a chapter or two and cuddle with my girls before falling asleep. It just doesn't get much better than that. :)


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