Monday, August 18, 2008

1st place for Freddie

They keep saying those 1sr place ribbons are hard to get in Canada but I'm just not seeing it. I'm kidding. The competition is tough up there which makes us work harder, push it that much more and generally kicks us in the ass.

We've been running Freddie in Open while we wait for his CRN to switch over. So far we've done really well there, coming home with 1st place in the 3 Canadian tourneys we've entered this year. Plus we got a boatload of points for Freddie's race for 30K.

A bonus of the weekend was winning the Good Sportsmanship award at this tourney. We also won it at our last in region tournament which is pretty cool. Jo says I'm ruining NET's reputation and to knock it off. :p

I think Tweak did really well in warmups this time. We kept the props in and really just ran her during the warm up time. I think she needs a little more of that and she'll be good. She finally had a chance to do a head to head race with a dog in the other lane and she ran a 4.0. Not too shabby for a green dog, with props, who will only speed up with time and practice.

The highlight of the weekend was the zip tie incident, which sadly, we had no part of. 3 or so teams got together and zip tied shut every single crate belonging to Rocket Relay - which was about 60 crates or so. Before the awards started, the guilty party did a lap around the ring to the Olympic theme, which had Aaron laughing and Kelly swearing vengance on all of them.

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