Thursday, September 28, 2006

figuring it out...

Well, guess who's eyes got all bloodshot and runny yesterday? That would be Pacie. So now he's had all the same symptoms that Freddie had, which definitely makes me think that there's something in the yard they're getting into. With the hawks that are around, the owl that lives in the graveyard, and all the other critters, it could be anything. I'll go and have a look around again to see if there's anything I can find...again.

Yesterday was an ok, though not terribly productive, day. The server was down again in the morning, I forgot my badge and SecurID, a few more things popped onto my plate - like it's not overflowing as it is.....sigh.

I've only got another month of craziness so here's to hoping I can keep it together for that long. Then all the craziness that we've been putting off until after the upgrade will hit. Greaaaat. Can't wait.

I took Sue shopping yesterday to pick up a gift for her husband for their anniversary. It took longer than I had hoped, but we had fun. :) We have Mary's surprise birthday party this weekend, which should be interesting. My mother is coming up for the party. It's just such a pity that I have so much planned for the weekend. ;)

Ok, have to get to work!


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