Saturday, September 16, 2006

James Blunt

Back to Bedlam by James Blunt is the latest CD I'm wearing out. I can't pinpoint exactly what I like - don't know if it's the music, the lyrics, his voice, the melodies, etc., but that's all I've listened to the past week. I think it's helped keep me calm during my stressful times. :)

So it's noon on Saturday, it's gorgeous out, and I'm sitting on the couch testing applications. Again. Thankfully this is the final round of testing we'll have to do for authentication. I'm testing the timeouts right now, which means I have to sit here and not touch that particular window for 20 mins. Yep, it takes a really high intellect to do this testing.

I got my grades for the last class I took yesterday. It's now official - I've graduated from Baker College with a Certificate in Web Technology with a 4.0 gpa. Woohoo for me. :) I went out after work and had a few drinks to celebrate with a co-worker who wouldn't let me just brush it off. I'm proud of the accomplishment. I'm glad I went back to school. I appreciate it far more now than I would have at 18. So I think, for me, it's worked out for the best. It fits my life now, even if it does steal a lot of free time. It's worth it.

So, I made myself breakfast this morning, caught up on mail, and hung out for a bit before getting started. So far, I've finished the closet (no, seriously), and have everything in there. I started laundry, changed the dog's bedding, went through a stack of papers that's been sitting in the kitchen for a month, picked up the bedroom, picked up the bathroom, cleaned out one of the file cabinet drawers, filed away a bunch of tax, ins., & manuals that have been on the desk for a year, and have a nice pile of stuff to throw out. Pretty impressive, huh??

I still have to take down the big crate in the bedroom and bring that downstairs, organize all of the Xmas gifts that are scattered all over the place, finish the PC, bring all the stuff on the credenza downstairs, plant the freakin' tree that's probably just going to die now, mow the lawn, do the dishes, and sweep the floors. I'll probably close the pool tomorrow, but it's supposed to be nicer out so maybe I'll use it first and close it next weekend - not sure - we'll see.

I have to hit the pool store and pick up a few things too - I almost forgot about that. I better start writing this stuff down or I'll miss something. Not that that's unusual either.

The flyball demonstration is tomorrow. I figured I'd wait and see how Freddie was doing before making a decision on our attendance. He's doing better, that's for sure. But he's still not 100% so I don't think I'm going to chance it. I really don't want him to do anything that might cause any kind of relapse. His health and safety are number one so we won't be going. Plus, I really want to make sure he has as much time to get better as he needs since we have a tournament at the end of the month. I'd rather him be good for that than for a demonstration.

Back to the grind....sigh.


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