Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's been a while...

Wow. I can't believe it's been that long between posts! Sorry about that. :) I'm not sure I'm going to remember all that I've done over the last week.

Let's see.... I went out to lunch with a group of people from work on Friday. I was supposed to go out to lunch with Kate on Thursday, but I had another production issue and didn't get back to my desk, from the second I walked in the door, until 12:30pm'ish. So that didn't happen.

I got home Friday to the sound of water in the basement. Ever since the flood, that sound will cause me to panic instantaneously. There was water pouring out of the hot water tank from an overflow pipe. I didn't even know I had an overflow pipe. :) I was going to call the heating company but figured I'd call my Dad first. Of course, being the best Dad in the world, he knew exactly what was going on and told me how to shut it off. Apparently I need to get a hose for that thing. :)

The weekend... hmmm... Saturday, I was here doing homework, and then went over to my neighbor's house to celebrate Kim's birthday. After that, Sue came over and we went to see Mary in her first starring role of a play. She did great!! She played Anne Sullivan in the story of Helen Keller. We were so proud of her. :)

On Sunday, I did a ton of homework. Sue & I made plans the day before to visit my grandparents. So we stopped at a few stores first, then headed over there with a cake - my grandmother's birthday was Thursday. We hung out and talked about baby stuff. They're both so excited as this will be the first grandchild they'll actually be able to spend time with.

As far as Sue goes, she's popped! She has this cute little pregnant belly now. :) I'm trying to figure out what I can give her, that would be unique, for the baby shower. I picked up a few crochet books yesterday so I'm hoping I can find a really cool pattern. Of course I'll get something off of the registry too.

On Monday, I worked from home. Pacie has been sick the past couple of days. :( It's basically the same thing that Freddie had, minus the eye thing. I'm supposed to bring him to the box turn seminar this Friday, but if he's still feeling like crap, I'll bring Freddie instead. I can only guess that they're getting into something in the yard. I've walked around and looked for anything that could be the culprit but couldn't find a thing. I'm hoping he gets over it quicker than Freddie did!

Speaking of Freddie, we have a tournament this weekend in Swanzey, NH. I'm not looking forward to the drive. :( I was going to plan on staying up there this weekend, but my cousin's 18th surprise birthday party is Saturday night and I can't not go to it. So I'm hoping we're out of there early. Then I have to head back up to Swanzey Sunday morning - eww. We'll be short 2 people so it should be an interesting, and tiring, weekend. I did take Monday off. :)

I've met a few people over the past couple of weeks that are potential future dates. I soooo don't want another bad date so I'm taking it nice and slow. Although, bad dates are good blog fodder. :) I'm sure there will be some interesting stories to come.

Off to work. :)


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