Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Update: 2:32pm - I don't know why this didn't post up earlier. Fingers crossed it will this time...

So we went to the vet yesterday. They did a full blood work up and a lyme test. Blood came back fine, lyme came back negative. Good news, but it doesn't explain his bizarre behavior. The vet said there's a lot of swelling in his eye so we're continuing with the antibiotic ointment in it. She also gave me an anti-inflammatory/steroidal pill to help with the pain and reduce any swelling.

At this point, I don't know if we'll ever find out exactly what was going on with him. I'm gonna guess and say he had some sort of dog flu/cold. I took him to work with me yesterday so I could leave right from work and head to the vet. He was in his crate in the back of the van. It was cool out, and I parked right under a tree, so he was fine. It got me to thinking that most people would be horrified to learn he was crated in the car without me being around. I guess it seems odd unless you're used to competing with your dog in some sport. It was all I could do to not keep the back open like I do at flyball tourneys!

Some signs that he's getting better: he played with the ball yesterday a couple of times, he barked and growled at Pacie for coming within 10 feet of him, he licked my legs after my shower, he humped the cat for the first time in a week, he was a little shit when I was trying to put his eye ointment in and wouldn't keep still, and he laid next to me last night and kept nudging my hand to pat him - all very typical Freddie things. :)

So we're doing much better, which so helps with my level of stress! Couple that with my final group project turned in, my web portfolio turned in, and this class ending tomorrow and it's like I have nothing to worry about! Of course my next class starts Thursday, and it's a math course, so I'll have a whole new set of worries soon enough. :)

I logged in after the vet appt. and worked for hours to make up the time, while watching Ultra Violet & The Princess Bride. I also had to do round two of testing for the authentication model that's being put in place. Round 3 will be this weekend.

I have a drs appt this afternoon, a sink full of dishes to do, laundry to do, and need to head by my Dad's house today. I also need to ge that damn tree in the ground this weekend before it's frozen solid. I don't think I have any plans on Saturday (this was the weekend I was supposed to be in New Jersey) and it's supposed to be nice out so here's to hoping I can get 'er done.

I had to turn the heat on this morning and I was *not* happy about it. I guess I'll close my pool this weekend too since it seems like I'll never get to use it again this year. Then I won't have to worry about picking all the leaves out of it too. Good idea.

Ok, now I'm really late for work and I still have to shower.


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