Friday, September 8, 2006


A quickie since I, again, don't have time to write all that I'd like to.

I haven't been to bed before midnight this week - doing work or homework. The last 2 day sit's been 2am. Let me tell you how tired I am of that, both figuratively and literally.

I babysat for Zeke last night and worked after he went to bed. I was up testing web apps the night before. I can't even remember what I did before that. I know it was all work related tho'. I love 3 day weekends, but I hate paying for it by having no time for anything the rest of the week.

I'm getting my hair done this afternoon. Then I have to concentrate on school since this is the last week and everyone's dropped the ball on our group project. I just remembered this morning to pay bills. Ooops.

I have a party to go to Saturday afternoon, so the morning will be spent doing school stuff, probably the night too. Sunday I have to head to PetRock for a flyball demo - you should come by, there's a ton of stuff there.

And then it's back to Monday where my group project is due, I need to build a website to show off my portfolio and have that in by Wed - haven't even thought about it. Then another sucky work week.

I'm so tired.


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