Sunday, September 3, 2006

the plan for the day

1. go for breakfast
2. take a bath with bath salts
3. laundry
4. finish the closet
5. put together the shelf thing for the closet
6. put my linens on the shelves in the newly cleared closet
7. find somewhere to put all the things I took out of the closet
8. do homework
9. do work work
10. change the kitty litter

Apparently one of my favorite childhood movies, Xanadu, is #83 in E's top 101 Guiltiest Pleasures. I really don't know how I get sucked into this crap.

Anyway, I got a lot done yesterday. I visited Sue in the hospital, hit a few stores, got some Xmas shopping done, got some regular shopping done, got some work on the computer done, played with the pups, and paid some bills.

Probably the best thing is that I did some xmas catalog shopping and am now down to 9 people left to buy for. The hardest part is buying for the kids. Finding an age appropriate gift for a 6 month old is not nearly as easy as finding one for a 3 year old. Even then it's not that easy for me, not having kids. So hopefully I won't tank with the choices I made.

Ok, time for breakfast!


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