Monday, September 18, 2006

oh yeah, today sucked

It took me so freakin' long to get to work due to all the stupid Nascar traffic leaving New Hampshire this morning. I get into work and all of our development environments are down. I called 14 electrical companies before I found one that had time for me. And most of the ones I called were beyond rude - like how dare I call them and want someone to come before 3 months time - don't I know they're busy?! Sorry. I forgot to turn on my ESP before calling. Oh, and good customer service by the way, I'll recommend you to everyone I know!

I was testing a new app and I found a data issue that affects a ton of employees that needs to be cleaned up by the end of the month. I'm supposed to be done testing the self service apps in integration but the developers haven't moved them *in* to integration yet. Right now we're about 2 weeks behind schedule so I highly doubt we'll be going live in 4 weeks. No stress though.

The electrician came by tonight and looked at the pool pump outlet. Guess what he did. No really, guess. He flipped the switch and it turned on. No shit. The damn thing, that I spent 3 hours on yesterday, just turned on. Arggghhh! Damn thing. But, the guy was really nice and didn't charge me, even though I offered to give him something for coming by after hours and everything. He gave me a fridge magnet with his number so I'll keep it and use him if I can't get in touch with Joe. And I *will* recommend him to people.

There's a commercial for Pirates of the Caribbean on now. Mmmmmm....Johnny Depp. Mmmmmmmm Orlando Bloom. :)

Anyway, I turned the pump on for a while and am hoping that it won't mysteriously not start up again.

Well, those Cosmos that I had are kicking in so I think it's time for bed. Plus, Silvane is coming in the morning and I have to make sure I'm awake for her. And when I get home, the place will be spotless! Woohoo!


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