Monday, September 18, 2006

Need an electrician

My pool pump stopped working yesterday. I tried everything I could think of, cleaned all the filters/baskets, checked the breaker, unplugged it/plugged it back in, and checked all the hoses. Nothing worked. So I called the pool store and they said to return it. Let me tell you how fun it was to take it all apart. Not. I cut my finger and bruised the nail bed in the process. But, I finally got it all apart and brought it back to the store. They didn't have an identical pump, they had one with a little more horsepower....such a shame. I was planning on paying the difference between the two just to get it back up and running. Imagine my surprise when, because of a sale, the better pump was cheaper than my own! I thought I'd have to pay $30 but actually walked out of there with a $21 store credit! I kinda feel bad about it to tell you the truth. I told the guy I dealt with that they didn't have to give me the credit but he said he didn't have a choice, that's how their computer system works. So, I got a deal. :)

The unfortunate part of the whole process is that it wasn't the pump that was the problem. Or at least I don't think it was. I hooked everything back up and it still wouldn't work. Damn. I called my friend Joe the electrician but he was up at the Nascar races and wouldn't be back in my area until 10pm. He works a full-time job and is an hour away so he wouldn't be able to come up for a while. So, I have to find a company that is willing to come out today to take a look at it. I personally think it's the switch, which, if it is, I'll feel stupid because I think I can replace that myself. But, I have a healthy respect for electricity and really don't want to take the chance it's a short and electrocute myself in the process. I'd have really crazy hair for sure then. :)

But, yesterday was another good, productive day. The computer room is kinda trashed right now, but mostly everything has a place to go. :) I did almost everything on my to do list (forgot the damn tree, again) and then started cleaning out some boxes that were in the closets. I went through all the clothes in the closet and in the dressers and got rid of a bunch more. I now have 6 bags of stuff to donate. I went through all the boxes of pictures and consolidated them all. There's a few more boxes I need to go through, but I'm guessing whatever's in there will be Freecycled, thrown out, or put up in the attic.

For the first time in a long time, Freddie went into the pool yesterday. I finally think he's almost himself again! He's still pretty clingy and he needs to gain some weight, but I think we're almost there. :) Millie hasn't had another episode either so all in all I'm feeling better about the kid's health. Of course I almost caused Pacie to go blind when I went to kick a ball and he put his face in the way. I got him right in the eye. Bad Mom! So now I'm watching his left eye to make sure I haven't blinded the poor guy. Let me tell you how bad I felt!! Sigh.

I think this work week will suck again unfortunately. Here's to hoping I don't start drinking when I get home to get away from it - that would be bad. But, no sense in putting it off anymore; it's time to shower and head into work.


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