Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Anybody get that license plate?

Because I still feel like I got nailed by a truck. Ok, I'm sure if I was actually hit by a truck I'd feel much, much worse but Wow!

The tourney was great - a *ton* of work, but good. :) Everyone seemed to have a good time, we all got to know the BOD better, Cindy got the RD position, and all is well in flyball land. I really need to question our sanity if we decide to hold a 2-ring tourney again though. :)

My little Neely came into the world on December 11th at 3:46am. :) He's very cute and has huge cheeks! I was there yesterday and am going to stop in on my way to work. But to do that I have to get out of there so this is all you're getting today!


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