Friday, December 15, 2006

still so far behind...

The beginning of the week was all about visiting the baby and finishing my class work. Last night *M* came over. I don't know where that's going... more importantly, I don't know where I want that to go. There are a number of things I'm not that happy about with him. But sometimes they seem so petty... I just don't know.

Anyway, I had no plans for the weekend and now I'm not sure I have enough time to do everything I need to do. I *have* to get everything wrapped - make sure I have everything I'm supposed to have, etc., etc. That's my plan for tonight, after visiting the baby of course.

I have to make bath salts this weekend. I'd like to make cookies and drop them off for the city employees that helped during the flood. My sister is spending the holiday down in Florida with my mother so we're getting together Saturday to exchange gifts with her. I have to head to the supermarket to pick up stuff to make for dinner. She wants me to make chicken parm.

Sunday I have a get-together with the flyball team to celebrate the success of our flyball tournament. I'll have time before and hopefully after to do the cookies - at least that's the plan. :)

Tonight will be quite enjoyable. I like wrapping presents! I'll have the lights on, watch the Grinch and whatever other Xmas shows have Tivo'ed, make some hot chocolate with a splash of caramel liquor, and wrap presents. :) Once the shows are done, I'll put on some TSO and Charlie Brown Christmas CDs and hopefully finish up. :) I'm sure it will depend on how big the splashes are in hot chocolate. :) If I get done early enough, maybe I'll head outside and finish the night in front of the firepit. :)

But first I need a baby fix so I'll head over to Sue's before heading home. :)

Today shouldn't be too bad a day. I have lunch with the guys and a few things to get done before the weekend. My office mate is working from home so I can listen to Xmas music all day and won't even need my headphones. :)


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