Friday, December 22, 2006

opposite of wrapping...

Funny thing happened the other day. I spent some time wrapping presents and got a bit of it done. I arranged them under the tree in a pleasant, eye-appealing way, because that's what you do with Xmas presents.

I forgot, however, that everytime Millie sees a wrapped present, she's allowed to open it. Yes, I wrap the kids toys and let them unwrap them Xmas morning. Yes, it's insane, but quiet enjoyable to watch dogs open their own gifts. Try it, you'll see. :)

Anyway, I came home to find my beautiful display of presents strewn across the room. Unwrapped, courtesy of Millie. :) She looked so pleased and was so happy she went and got one of the unwrapped boxes to show me. How could I be angry at that? I'm sure she was confused when all she got was box after box instead of the normal stuffed animal or bone. Apparently she doesn't much care and I can save a boatload of cash by getting her boxes. ;)

Won't she be surprised when she gets ANOTHER chance to open gifts this year!

I wasn't able to get my normal Xmas cards done (like this) so I plan on taking pictures Xmas morning and sending them out instead. :)


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