Monday, December 4, 2006

Ok, ok I'm back

I took some time off from the world. The loss of my little girl kicked my ass and I had to hibernate to save my sanity. Don't worry, you weren't the only ones that were blown off - everyone was.

You know what they say, life goes on.

Far too much has happened in the past 7 weeks for one post so I'll update you on the bigger things and the rest will come out in time.

My cousin Sue is about to pop anyday now. She's due Dec 9th but I'm hoping she goes a bit early. I have a flyball tournament that weekend and will be staying onsite in Fitchburg. Speaking of which, Paula let me know how much I owe you for the room. Anyway, I'm very excited and can't wait to get that phone call. :)

The other big deal is the flyball tournament next weekend. We're hosting this tournament and all the bigwigs at flyball headquarters are coming up to hold their annual dinner/meeting. It's a really big tourney with 47 teams entered - read pandamonium. Oh, we could use a few more bodies to help out so if you aren't doing anything, send me an email. I pay in pizza and beer. :)

The question I received the most was 'what happened' with Skootchie? I'm sorry I didn't get back to any of you on that, it was really just too painful to write about. But, here's what happened. Skootchie threw up on a Saturday and I figured she just ate something out in the yard or had a stomach bug. I tried to feed her on Sunday but she was having none of it. I boiled Chicken and rice for her Monday and she still wouldn't eat so it was off to the vet. Her eyes and skin turned yellow on the drive over there. She was in full blown liver failure and there was nothing anyone could do. I held my baby until the end, telling her I loved her and apologizing for not noticing it before it was too late. My vet tried to assuage my guilt by telling me it's not uncommon for dogs to not show any symptoms. I've gone back and thought of her behavior to see what I missed. Almost 2 months later, I almost believe her.

I miss my girl. Life isn't the same without her. My heart isn't the same without her.

So, in honor of my girl, I went out and got my first tattoo. My friend Pat is an incredible artist and works at Pino Bros. ink in Cambridge. I gave him the plaster of Skootchie's paw print that I have, which he then drew out. I absolutely love it and think it's a fitting memorial for my little girl. That really is her actual paw print....

Moving on, I'm still in school, with 10 days left in this class. It's unfortunate but my perfect gpa will be gone after it. I just didn't care as much as I should've and there was too much going on.

The house is decorated for the holidays and almost all of the shopping is done. I think I need just a couple of gifts but until I compare what I have to my spreadsheet I won't know for sure.

Today is the perfect day to work from home as I sit on the couch surrounded by the dogs, watching tiny little snowflakes fall from the sky. Alas, I can't.

But I'm back.


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