Friday, December 22, 2006

when it rains...

I know own a percentage of my vet's office - or at least I should after all the $$ I've dropped there in the last week! Too bad it doesn't actually work that way. :p

Millie: We visited the emergency hospital at Bulger for the first time the day before yesterday. It was 3am, we weren't doing anything, so we went for a drive. Don't I wish. :) Millie woke me up to go outside 3 am Thursday. When she came back in, she jumped up on the bed and laid down. Every time she moved, she cried and whimpered. She sat up but wouldn't put any weight down on her right front leg. After 1/2 hour of trying to feel what was wrong, we went to the emergency room. Millie dislikes going to the vet but I found out she dislikes strange vets even more. With her tail tucked, she avoided Dr. Hernandez every chance she could. I was told to give her some aspirin and follow up with my vet since she was going to fax a report over.

Neither of us slept the rest of the night, though we both tried. She cried every time she moved, which pulled me from whatever state of rest I was in. We both got tired enough and finally slept for 1/2 hr around 6:30am. Every cry and whimper tore my heart out! We saw Dr. Lisa yesterday afternoon, where she said it might be a slipped disk. Millie's on Rimadyl for a couple of weeks in the hopes it'll pop back into place. In the meantime, no treeing squirrels for her! We both slept wonderfully last night. :)

Pacie: I brought Pacie to the vet last week for blood work. Both he and Freddie's water intake have increased to an alarming level since they were sick in September. Pacie's results came back and they weren't all that great. He was very low on some things and very high on others. We went back to the vet yesterday to do a few more blood tests. She switched his food and added a supplement to his diet. I'll find out the results next week.

Freddie: Pacie is certainly far worse when it comes to the water thing, but Freddie is still much higher than he should be. Since they had the same sickness in September and have the same symptoms, we did a kidney panel to see if he had the same results as Pacie. We're holding off on treating him for anything until we see those results.

Knock on wood the cats are fine though! lol

I'd pay it 5 times over but dropping a grand on the kids the week before Xmas is tough! If any of you were thinking of a Xmas present, cash is a good idea. ;)

In other news, Sue's baby is great, I'm feeling pretty good minus the typical joint crap, and my weekend is booked solid. Saturday I'm heading down to Glen & Elissa's to give Eek his presents and then over to Joe & Ellin's to give all of them their presents. Sunday I have my family thing to do in the afternoon, so I really need to get the rest of the presents wrapped by then! Monday I'll be at Chris & Sue's first thing in the AM, then back home to watch my kids open their gifts, then potentially over to Mary's for a little while, then to my Dad's to do the immediate family thing, and finally over to my cousin Tina's to play pokeno. :) That's a lot to do so some of it might not happen - especially since I don't have the day after Xmas off.

But, considering I should've been in work 15 minutes ago and I haven't showered yet, it's time to go. :)


p.s. - Paula I got your email - that sounds good and I'll write back later today. :)

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