Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I have so much wrapping to do it's pathetic. I'll be in a frenzy with tape pieces stuck to my clothing, disheveled hair, and a bow stuck to my ass by the time it's all done. I was going to do it last night but then I remembered I needed to get the gifts done for my co-workers so I could bring them in on Wed. I think I finished that up around 1:00am. I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed I was *covered* in glitter - and I mean covered! How does one get glitter in one's ear? When you find out, let me know. :)

Otherwise, there's really not too much going on at the moment. My nights are filling up quickly with useless shit, my weekend is already totally booked. I'm going to need a vacation from Xmas day with all the traveling I have to do.

I woke up this morning, late of course, but I was so befuddled I immediately panicked. I had no idea what time or day it was. Gotta love those mornings.

Well, I'm trying to do this while keeping up with some computer processes that I have to do every 5 mins for the next couple of hours and I'm failing miserably. Perhaps I need more coffee. :)


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