Friday, December 8, 2006

No time, no time

Second day in a row I'm up early!! (Ok, on-time actually.) I have to pack my clothes, I have to pack Freddie's stuff, I think I have all of the stuff needed for flyball in the car but I have to double check that. I remembered to wrap the present for our All Hands holiday meeting today. Now I just have to remember the dog! lol

Speaking of time, I've wondered just who these people are that play with time. Next year daylight savings time is starting earlier and ending later in the US. Western Australia just added daylight savings time. Normally there's a 12 hour difference (for my friend in Perth and I). When it's daylight savings time here, there's a 13 hour difference. When it's daylight savings time there, there's a 14 hour difference. Do these people have the biggest egos or what?! "What do you do for a living?" "I control time." [insert Dr. Evil laugh here] Sheesh.

Ok, my thoughts are all over the place with everything I have to do. I still have to call my brother and refresh his memory on feedings too. And bring the dog food into the house. And shower. Ugh. Gotta go.


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