Sunday, May 7, 2006

My poor little man... so tired! He passed out as soon as we got home yesterday, which was at a fairly decent time. But, he ran 9 races yesterday, which is about 3 more than what we do in a normal tournament over 2 days! It's safe to say, Bubba is beat. :) As am I. :)

But, he did very well yesterday, including one race where I was out getting lunch for everyone and he had to run for Cindy. I'm thrilled that he's so adaptable he can race for anyone. :)

Steffi is doing really well too! She's running for Kate fairly consistently and (I don't think) has run back up the lane once. Holly & Rob came up for most of the day with TJ so everyone got a chance to meet the latest member of our flyball team. Jen just had her baby this past weekend and Renee is having hers on Friday, so there will be plenty more introductions by the time our tournament comes around in June. :)

Ok, off to shower so I can get there on time. ;)


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