Friday, May 12, 2006

Nice & relaxing...

After another crazy day at work yesterday, it was very, very good to spend time with Lynda last night. We went to Not Your Average Joe's and ate bad-for-you (well, I did), but good tasting food. We always have such great conversations and last night was no different. :)

There are certain friends in your life (ok, my life) that drift in and out at different times. The kinds of friends that you don't hear from often, but when you talk or get together, it's like no time has passed. Lynda is one of those friends. :) I'd like to think it's because we're on the same page as far as beliefs, morals, ideals, etc. go, but, it might just be kismit. :) She has such a calming way about her and she makes me think - which is a good thing. :) She's the gentle breeze on a warm summer day to my bonfire spark and energy.

After dinner and the great conversation that went with it, we went back to my place to hang out and read my cards. I'd love to get my cards done all the time, but, I'm a little particular about who does them. I've paid for people to do them in the past, at psychic parties and such, but I never get accurate readings from them. I've noticed that I need to have that 'connection' with the reader in order for things to make sense. The first reading was beyond bizarre and I think it was because I was interested in the design of them more than relating my query to them. The second reading was much better. I won't go into the details here - I think it's too personal and I really don't feel like sharing that much of me right now.

Anyway, we had a great time and the night flew by way too quickly for my liking. Thankfully, life has calmed down for her and with school 12 weeks away, life will soon be calm for me as well. :) I'm hoping we can get together more frequently in the future than once a year. ;)

I was working this morning when all of a sudden I heard this loud "bzzzt!" sound. I couldn't figure out what it was until I realized that my brain wasn't functioning the way it had been a few seconds before. I think the heavy deadlines/pressures/etc. finally took their toll on me (with regards to work anyway) and that was my brain shutting off for the day. No bother, I instead went out to lunch with Kate. :) A 2 hr lunch with a friend is just what the doctor ordered! Obviously I'm having a hard time concentrating on work stuff still (since I'm blogging instead of working), but that's ok. I have to work this weekend anyway. :)

Another meal time with great conversation, going over the whole *S* thing, gushing about the recent baby delivery of one of our friends, and just normal gal nonsense. :) We stopped at Barnes & Noble before ending our extra long lunch. It's absolutely impossible for me to enter that place and not walk out with at least 3 books. Today it was 5, but Kate bought me two since I paid for lunch. Apparently I'm about to become addicted to a new author and I'm quite excited about it!!! It's a good thing I'm a fast reader because I think I have about 26 books lined up that I have, and have to read (including todays 5). Huge bonus that the weather is going to completely blow this weekend and I don't have any plans. :)

Well, I guess I should get some work done before leaving. :)


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