Monday, May 22, 2006

well, almost almost there :)

Today I realized that everything goes a heck of a lot slower when you're doing it by yourself. :) But, I made some progress today by finishing up the laundry and cleaning off all of the shelves in the basement. I filled a half dozen bags and will bring them down to the dumpster tomorrow.

Tomorrow the furnace is getting installed and the chimney is being lined. I learned about the chimney needing to be lined this morning. I wasn't expecting it, so I'm sure I'm going to be thrilled to see the final bill.

Because the chimney needs to be lined first, they're not going to have enough time to install the hot water heater. :( I thought I would be home Tuesday night, but it doesn't look like I'll be cleared to move back in. So, they'll come back and install the hot water heater on Wednesday and that's when they'll turn the gas back on and I'll be able to move home again. :)

Every city official has been so beyond helpful that I decided I was going to have a cookout to thank them. After talking to a few of the neighbors, the idea has evolved into a block party in honor of all of the great people that have helped us over the past week. They've all gone beyond the normal call of duty and I think it's only right that we show our appreciation. I went up to City Hall to grab the paperwork needed for a block party and will fill it out tonight so I can drop it off in the morning.

I left the house around 5pm so I could relax a bit tonight and spend some time with the dogs. My sister and I are going to get chinese food and enjoy the 2 hour final Alias episode. So, I better tuck into that gargantuan form (read 9 page application) so it won't hinder my Alias viewing. :)


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