Sunday, May 14, 2006

An overabundance of water...

I'm not sure if they've officially said the river has hit flood height or not. At 8am, it was at 7.74 ft - flood height is 8ft. The Spicket River runs behind the neighbor-across-the-street's house and next to the monstrosity of a CVS parking lot they're building at the end of the street. I went out earlier and took pictures of the area, and the height of the river this morning.

Yesterday I spent the whole day engrossed in my spicy, trashy novels. Today, I've spent the whole day managing the two streams in my basement. Thankfully it seems like there is a natural slope down towards the front of the house, where the 2 sump pumps are located. They've been going off about every minute or so since last night. I'm also trying to sweep/guide one of the largest pools of water towards the sump pump hole, but it's filling up as quickly as I'm emptying it. Right now my main goal is that it doesn't get high enough to get to the heating system. I'm also keeping a very close eye on the river, hoping I don't see it swell over the bank across the street from me. If that happens, I think I'll be in some trouble.

Unfortunately, they're predicting that the river will be 2 1/2 feet over the flood height by Tuesday. Cross your fingers and hope that doesn't happen.....


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