Tuesday, May 16, 2006

we're doing ok...

The last 36 hours have been.... interesting. The dogs, cats, and I are safe. We're staying at my sister's house in Wakefield right now. Just think about what kind of courage it takes to take in me, 5 dogs, and 2 cats and still remain sane. I'm paying her back in home cooked meals for dinner everynight. :)

We were all evacuated by boat early Monday afternoon. The first rescue attempt was via what's called a Deuce and a half (so they say). It's one of those big Army vehicles with the rounded cloth top in the back that soldiers usually sit in. I say first rescue attempt because we didn't actually get to ride out in one. It got stuck in my front yard. Not even kidding, I have pictures and I'll post them once I can get back home. I can't even begin to imagine what my lawn must look like after that piece of work...sigh. Anyway, after that, they sent a boat to take us all away. It took 2 trips to get all the kids over - 1 crate for 3 Min Pins, Poe the rescue in another crate, and the 2 cats in one crate during the first trip. Me, Millie, my bags, my neighbor and his cat on the second trip. There's actually a picture of us in the Eagle Tribune floating down the street if you have the paper.

The Spicket River crested at 2am, so now we're just waiting for the water to recede. I was able to get a look at my backyard today from the convent and cemetery. It's still under water with the water going up about 2 feet or so on my foundation. Since they shut off the power, which shut off the sump pumps, I'm resigning myself to having about 5 feet of water in the basement.

I think my car might be ok as the water was only about 1/2 way the tires. I parked it right next to the house - the highest possible place it could be. I'm hoping that I lucked out with that one.

I talked to my insurance company today and received crappy news. I have separate sump pump coverage on my homeowner's insurance that covers up to 25K worth of damage if A) the sump pump wells overflow (which happened) and/or B) water comes back up via the drains/sewer pipes (which happened). Well, one would think that I would then be able to replace my heating system, hot water heater, appliances, personal items, etc., etc. with that coverage, but alas, No. My insurance company will not apply that coverage to this incident. I plan on fighting it, but I'm not sure how that will turn out. I have a call into a public adjustor and will probably just turn him loose on the insurance company. Just another ass-ache to deal with in an already stressful, depressing, and overall devastating situation. Especially since all of my neighbor's insurance companies are honoring their coverage.

But, like everyone keeps saying, the most important things in my life are safe and sound - myself and my furry kids. I do have a house to go back to and I don't think the water got high enough to ruin anything on the first floor.

And, I have the most incredible friends in the world. I've received many offers for help, which I'll probably have to take you all up on! I'm in pre-planning mode now with friends on stand-by, willing to jump in the second I get the all clear to go back in. I have a commercial pump set up to pump out all of the water, my friend the electrician to come in and make all of that safe (we're assuming the panel is underwater), plans for a dumpster to be delivered for cleanout time, a heating system and hot water tank on order for when the basement is dry, and a bunch of people willing to haul crap from the basement to the dumpster. Now I just have to find the money to pay for all of it. :(

But, I'll manage. I have the best family and the most wonderful friends in the world. Couple that with my furry kids and my life is perfect. :) Even if I do have a few bumps in the road to overcome....


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