Monday, May 1, 2006


I figured out how the comments work. So, one of you knows who this is for. :)

If you click on the "0 comments" link, there's a space that you can enter a message. Beneath that, there are 3 radio buttons. The "blogger" one is for if you have an account with blogger (you don't). The second one is for if you want to enter your name and your site (both optional) and the third one is if you want it to be anonymous. So, just change the radio button from blogger to one of the other choices and then click publish. :)

I have a Dr's appt at that place in N. Andover tomorrow morning, so I'll be working from home (not "working from home" like some people think), until it's time to go. ;)

Now, back to homework (desperately wishing it was to bed instead)...sigh.


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Scarlet's Mom said...

Aha! Okay, so I'm not computer literate!!! Hopefully, I'll do this right as I love to leave comments!!