Saturday, April 29, 2006


Oh my gosh was I productive today!!! I'm so thrilled I got as much done as I did. My day started when I left the house at 8am to have breakfast with Sue. Here's what happened afterwards:

- picked up Sue and went to Shaws for breakfast
- stopped at a yard sale on the way back to her house
- picked up Chris (her husband) and went to Beaver Valley Farm for dog food
- spent quite a while there, picked up 4 small Phlox plants, a purple columbine plant, milky spore for the stupid Japanese beetles that eat my basil, dog food, cat food, and 2 black Viola plants (gorgeous)
- dropped off Chris & Sue and went home
- unloaded everything out of the car and got set up for some serious weeding/planting
- did poop patrol
- picked up a billion sticks in the yard and added them to the (still neat) wood pile
- tried to start the tractor so I could quickly mow the 2 ft green stuff known as grass
- pushed the tractor to my car so I could jump it since it wouldn't start
- tried jumping the tractor, then asked my neighbor if he could play with it
- went to Pep Boys and got a new tractor battery
- installed the battery and tried to start the tractor
- drove to the tractor repair place to make an appt for it to be fixed
- pushed the tractor back into the yard
- completely annihilated the small section next to the back stairs, ripped everything out, moved all the rocks, and sifted the soil
- planted the big burning bush and a few babies (for good measure)
- planted 6 Cannas
- planted a dozen gladiolus
- mulched the whole thing
- weeded the front gardens
- planted the violas
- planted the purple calla lilies
- planted the clematis
- weeded the hosta area completely
- mulched the hosta area (black mulch looks sooooo good!)
- put all the gardening stuff away
- got all of the surface dirt off of me (kinda)
- drove to the store and bought a new patio set
- spent an hour trying to figure out how to load it in the car (the kids loading it were no help)
- put the long table, umbrella, and umbrella stand in the driveway
- moved the round table to the small section of deck off the stairs
- moved all the pots over to the round table
- swept up and hosed off the entire deck
- managed to unload the 6 chairs, umbrella, umbrella stand, and the table and bring them up on the deck
- assembled the table (1 1/2 hours)
- set everything up and moved around all of the other chairs and the small rectangular table

And walla! I'm done! Not bad for a 13 1/2 hour day. I forgot to eat lunch (and dinner for that matter) so I think I'll go have an orange and then head to bed. :) Flyball practice starts at 8am!


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