Monday, April 7, 2008


I was a freakin' Popsicle yesterday. Good god damn was it cold!

I'm pretty sure I checked the weather for the weekend and learned that it was going to rain on Saturday and Sunday was supposed to be the nice day - mid 50's and sunny.

What we actually got was a gorgeous day on Saturday and a freakin' really cold, cloudy day on Sunday.


Tweak didn't mind it of course, which is good since she did most of the running. But, the plaid wearing, cheese eating yahoo of a dog owner that decided to wear capri pants and a short sleeve shirt was less than pleased. Yup, that would be me.

Thankfully I had a sleeping bag in the car which came in handy while I was waiting for our turn to come up since I was freezing my ass off. Deb makes fun of me for how stocked my car is and the random shit inside it but if she was there she would've been impressed I'm sure. :p

So, Tweak did pretty well yesterday. I sucked big time - no surprise there. I really need to practice a freakin' ton to get better. You would think going out every single day would help. Clearly, it's not.

Did I mention that I ran my dog into a tree mid-day? Oh yeah, mother of the year award dog style to me for that. I sooo need to practice my throwing....sigh.

Kara gave me a couple of really cool frisbees yesterday that I'm going to try throwing. The grip is better on them - they're a little stickier or something. So I'll order a boatload of them and see how I do.

Today is work, tonight is frisbee throwing and practicing tricks for the demo this weekend. I started working on wipe your nose and a card trick last night with both Tweak and Millie. I need to shore up Millie's Paddy Cake too.

It's on the list...


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