Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Since the girls and I have a tricks demo this weekend, we've been practicing tricks quite a lot here in Methuen. Nothing like being prepared.... [insert my eyes rolling here.]

Tweak has a great retrieve and that's seriously going to help at this demo. She just needs to learn the names of things. This morning she learned what a tissue box was. We started working on her wiping her nose the other day. Hopefully I can chain those together and get a cute trick out of it before Saturday.

She now knows how to play dead now, speak on command, roll over, spin, weave through my legs standing still, thread through them as I'm walking, along with the frisbee tricks - jumping on my back, over my leg, flips in the air, etc., etc.

I'm hoping between her and Millie, that will be enough to last 25 minutes. I suppose I should do some talking as well. Hmmm.... maybe I should think about what I should say.

Anyway, that's what we're focusing on this week.

In other news, it looks like spring time is here and I no longer have a place to throw the frisbee for Tweak. :( We've been going to the cluster of baseball fields at the end of my street to practice since I can throw longer than my yard is wide now. We went down yesterday after work to find that all of the fields were being used by kids learning to play softball and baseball. Damn kids.

I'll call my contact at City Hall today and see if there are any other public open areas that I can bring her to where we won't interfere with kids sports. I need more land.

Oh, so I tried the frisbees Kara gave me yesterday and boy do they rock!! Tweak didn't manage to dent one of them while we were playing! Usually she bends the plastic with her teeth and causes this small, sharp piece to stick out which later rips the shit out of her mouth. These didn't do it after one session, which is normal and they're a little stickier than normal too. I'm soooooooo adding them on to my Xmas list. :)

Gym time.


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