Sunday, April 13, 2008

busy 3 days...

I'm *finally* getting a chance to sit down and relax. It's been a while since I.... hold on, phone...

Man it's been busy around here. Here's the past couple of days -

Friday was supposed to be phase II of my tattoo. It didn't happen to work out that way, but that's ok. We're now doing phase II tomorrow night. We're working on shading and starting the color I believe.

Hung around with George in the morning. Took the puppy down to the park and threw the frisbee, got spoken to by one of the parents because dogs aren't allowed in public parks even though I actually spoke to someone in city hall just the day before asking if it was ok and was told nobody would bother me as long as I was responsible. Clearly, not the case. After that we walked up to Dunkin Donuts for coffee, tea and bagels.

Went to the tricks demo at the Mass School of Law. I was really concerned by how close the kids got and how a couple of them ran across the place I was working the pups. I was so worried about it that I forgot half the things I wanted to do and didn't really speak about tricks at all. Ah well. I guess a picture of Millie and I were in the Sunday Herald. I haven't seen it yet, my Dad called to tell me.

It was sunny and warm when I left! I think the weather report said rain all day. I'm pretty sure it's the only job you can be completely wrong at time after time and still keep your job. Anyway, the kids hung outside while I did a bit of weeding in the front and a bunch of raking. I think I filled 7 or 8 bags or leaves from the front and side yard. I don't even have trees there but whatever.

After that George & I went to Tim & Sarah's to celebrate Tim's birthday. You would've thought it was mine and I got the best present in the world when they pulled out the last two bottles of Drunken Dreams in existence. They were quite tasty and George had to drive me home. :p

George & I took Tweak down to RI for the NEDDC's Spring Fling competition. I think I'm getting better at figuring out what I need to do to steady my throwing. Corinne showed me another way to grip the frisbee, which I need to practice. Tweak took 2nd place in Novice. She did really, really well. The discs she dropped or lost were totally my fault.

After that, George took off and I did some spring cleaning. I did a boat load of laundry and put away/hung up everything I had washed and folded in the last couple of weeks. Quite the amazing feat if I do say so myself.

I finished up around 8pm, talked on the phone, and watched a couple of West Wing episodes while playing a game on the laptop. Not a bad way to end the night.

Not too shabby a weekend!


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Kim B said...

Who is George - I've been seeing his name but must have missed the post where you explained him. And what the heck is a bottle of Drunken Dreams ~ is that like Plum Sake ? If so, then I'm sorry I missed it !! Email me back if u want ~ All's quiet here, am feeling good and am taking a couple classes & working part-time, am still laid off. Ur new tattoo is awesome - It needs to be reiterated. Kim