Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is it Wednesday already?

Seriously, I have no idea what happened to the week. Here it's already Hump day and I'm just noticing it now. Weird. (Why doesn't that word follow the "i before e except after c" rule?)

Monday George & I went out for dinner and to watch the Bruin's game. It was good to go out with him again, but bad that we had to watch the Bruin's tank the last game.

For those of you keeping track, it's on again. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, so sorry for you. :)

Yesterday I had another session with the amazing Ken Dean. He started the color and got the head and wings done before I cried wimp and stopped him because of the pain. After last night, I'm totally admitting that I lied to you - tattoos fucking hurt! Don't listen to me. Ever. (Whimper)

I think I'm going to wimp out even more and drink or OD on Advil before the next session. Maybe someone will give me some topical ointment that stops all feeling so he can get the rest of it done and I won't feel it until after much later. That would be really, really nice. Does anyone know of anyone like that or know of anything that does that?

Tonight I have lots of web stuff to do. I've done a few things to Nancy's site but I have quite a bit left before she can upload it. I would love to take the dogs for a nice long walk in this gorgeous 83 degree weather but I can't put sunscreen on an open wound and there's no way in hell I'm letting anything lay on top of it or touch it. Yes, it really hurts that much! Maybe I'll throw the frisbee for Tweak from the back door. :p

Tomorrow I'm heading out for drinks with Dina. We haven't gone out in a while and we both have a ton to catch each other up on. It'll be a late night and I'll be very thankful I'm not driving I'm sure. :)

I signed up for my last class yesterday. After that it will be official - I will have a degree. Woop-de-doo. It won't feel any different I'm guessing. But, I still enjoy the learning part of it so it'll be good to continue on *after* the summer.

I've decided to open a business. I have an appointment with my lawyer in a couple of weeks so she can tell me what all the steps are and what I need to do to get it off the ground. It's no big deal - certainly won't allow me to quit my day job, not that I would because then I'd lose all the benefits and that would suck. Once things come together a bit more, I'll post more information.

Oh, and I decided to write a book too. When that will happen? I haven't the foggiest idea. Not for a very long time anyway. But, I have the idea and I think I can do it - it's just a matter of when.

That's about it for now. What? Like that isn't enough?


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Kim B said...

Re: George/On Again: I'm here if u want to talk, and hope things are going well.

Re: Bruins: Am pissed they choked in Game 7, and that 5th goal with 7 seconds left was just rubbing salt in the wound - I didn't dare leave my house for fear I'd be throwing plates at some restauraunt's very expensive flat-screen. Sorry - rant over.

Will Advil thin your blood like booze will ? I've used Emla numbing cream with electrolysis, but you have to wait a half-hour for it to work, wrap it in plastic, and it only lasts 30minutes, it only took the edge off the pain, and was REALLY messy. Call me for other suggestions.

Congrats on almost being done with school - Yay !!