Saturday, April 19, 2008

real quick...

Because I'm tired and sun burnt and want to lay in bed and read before passing out into the type of delightful sleep you can only get because you're that good kind of tired.

Freddie got his next title today - FMCh.

Tweak did a few recalls in the lanes today. She was so focused on the tug she didn't care about anyone else at all. I might bounce her off the box tomorrow to see how she does sans tug so she doesn't spit the ball out.

Millie hasn't snarked at a dog all weekend and hasn't bitched about being in the crate either.

Pacie is Pacie.

Ken is going to kill me because I didn't put sunscreen on for the ride down to NY and the new tattoo is kinda tan. I have, however, doused it with so much sunscreen today that it doesn't even recognize the sun now.

We have an unrequited love quartet going on in the room and thankfully neither Cindy nor myself are involved. Mattingly loves Millie who loves Jeter who loves Tweak who hates them all. It's been pretty darn funny.

I tried 2 new beers tonight at dinner. I don't remember the names of them but the blueberry wheat was pretty good - typical for a blueberry and the brown ale I got was phenomenal.

I'm going with the boys, then the girls, for the last potty break of the night.


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