Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a great word....

So I watched the last two episodes of Season 2's West Wing last night. First, I'm pissed they killed off Mrs. Landingham. I sat there with my mouth on the floor and tears falling from my eyes which were stuck wide open because of the shock I was in. Those bastards.

That was in the 2nd to last episode. In the season finale, the president takes issue with the whole thing while in the cathedral after the funeral. I absolutely loved it when he called God a feckless thug.

Feckless. What a great freakin' word. You know that's being added to my vocabulary, right? Oh yeah. That'll be peppered around since there are soooooo many feckless people in the world.

Again, up in the Blue Room and I'm ok with that!

The weather has been great the past couple of days! The only downside is that I think my allergies are starting up and that's making me tired and wondering if I have a cold or something. I sure hope it's allergies because if I'm getting sick again I am going to fucking beat someone.

One of my flyball/frisbee friends sent me an email yesterday to tell me about a frisbee fun day in Manchester, CT on Sunday. I'm totally going to that since I don't have either practice.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Sarah's bday dinner on Monday was a ton of fun and really, really tasty! I'll go there again for sure. I'm trying to talk George into it. After that we went and had a few beers at a bar down the street. I think we may be doing something on Friday but I'm not sure. We've got to think of something else to do now that we'll regret since we already did drunk birthday tattoos. Any suggestions? :D


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kim b said...

I was in Manchester, CT on Mon & Tues this week, it wasn't a bad drive. Ur new tattoo looks great - can't wait to see it filled in !