Monday, April 10, 2006

2 dogs are harder than 1...

...when you're used to running just 1 in a flyball tournament! I shouldn't say it's harder, per se, but definitely more tiring! Usually I take the Monday after a 2 day tournament off, but I have meetings I can *not* miss this afternoon. Plus, I have to be careful with my time off for next month as I'll be out doing fun dog stuff for the last half of May. :)

Freddie's turns were crappy all weekend. I should've taken the box home, but I didn't even think of it until I was already half way home. There was no way I was turning back! But, all the dogs did awesome all weekend. I dropped Steffi off and chatted with Holly & Rob for a while about how well Steffi did, the baby, and how Sammi was doing. I guess you get used to the sound of a baby crying, but not in the 1/2 hour I was there. ;)

All in all it was a great weekend. The next tourney is May 7-8 (I think) in Manchester. It would be nice if we could have our new shirts by then, but I don't think that will happen. Oh, and the tourney that was supposed to happen the weekend of April 22nd got cancelled so I have an extra weekend free! Woohoo! Hopefully it will be gorgeous out and I can spend that time outside in the yard or doing something fun. :) Yard sale season will be starting soon so it'll be nice to have the time to get a little yard sailing in. :)

I was pulling into my driveway yesterday after dropping Steffi off and noticed a hint of color that wasn't there before in my garden. My tulips are starting to come up! A pink tulip has bloomed, and my parrot tulips are on the way - on the right side. I'm sure after a day of sun today, they'll be beautiful flowers when I get home. :) How exciting! My Phlox also started coming alive so there's a bunch of pretty pink flowers on a bed of green in the garden on the left side. :) I plan on taking pictures and showing my gardening partner-in-crime and co-worker, Mike, when I get in today. He's going to be so jealous! I think there's enough color for spring, but I still have to work on what will bloom for summer and fall. Boy am I having fun with it though!

My date last night didn't happen. He had a sore throat that he got from his kids. Although I was bummed I wasn't going to get my shoulders massaged as promised, I wasn't all that heart broken as I was able to head to bed early. :) We're supposed to go to the movies tonight, but I'm kind of hoping he's still sick so I can get my homework done. Priorities y'know. :)

Well, I've woken up enough to realize I now have to pop it into 5th gear in order to get to work on time. :)


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