Sunday, April 23, 2006

Not very productive...

I had plans of getting so much done before heading to Ellin's yesterday. The only thing I managed to do was laundry, and that was only because I literally had nothing clean to wear! lol I'm so pathetic sometimes. :) Part of the problem was being up until 3am the night before talking to *T* and not getting enough sleep. I'm so not used to that anymore...

But, I did manage to get down to Ellin's before it got dark out. :) I brought a bunch of stuff down and came back with less, thankfully. We always find things for each other and save them up for a visit. :) I came back with her copy of Kung Fu - the 3rd season, a small burning bush (I'm so excited!), purple glasses, and the 2nd set of curtains she made for me. Now I just have to hang them. :)

We had a great time as usual, nice and relaxing, hanging out in front of the fire talking. It's such a relaxing place for me - my zen home away from home. :) We took a walk and looked at all of the plants, flowers, and trees that were coming up in her garden areas. I'll have to grab some Creeping Myrtle from her when the rocks get put in - that will be so nice mixed with the Creeping Phlox I'm going to move there. :)

I talked to *T* on the way home and again stayed up until 3am. Of course, it was partly caused by my not leaving Ellin's until 1am. :) After I cut Joe's hair, we watched a DVD of a British comedian - Eddie Izzard. I'll say he was really funny - a tad twisted but in a good way. Once you get past the makeup and the shoes (he's a transvestite, an executive/action transvestite to boot), he's pretty cute to watch. :)

Today I have homework and a ton of cleaning to do (boy do I hate cleaning....) I'm supposed to get together with *D* later on tonight too. I'm not sure what we're doing but I hope it'll be something fun as I can't stand to have another boring get-together with him. I also have to pick up the Bleeding Heart and Balloon Flower tubers so I can plant them with everything else later this week. I shared what I bought previously with Ellin so I don't have nearly as much planting as before. I also need to go food shopping as I'm out of fruit and veggies and I definitely have to cook at some point during the day so I can have lunch for the week. Yikes! What a busy day! What are the odds that I'll get everything done? Well, I wouldn't pull out your checkbook on that one. :)

Time to get to it!


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