Thursday, April 27, 2006

going in later...

I was just about ready to jump in my car and head to work when I heard there's a bad rollover on 495 taking up 3 lanes. Instead of wasting the $2.89 per gallon gas I bought waiting in traffic for the next 2 hours, I'm going to stay here until it goes away. :)

The professor gave us a one day extension for this week's homework, which is good because it's freakin' hard! It's not really going to help me much though as I'm going to see Cats tonight with Betsy. I'm excited about that. :)

The weather isn't coinciding with what my idea of spring is lately. I'm not sure what the temperature is supposed to be around this time - I just know that I've been spoiled by the 70 degree days and yearn for their return. At the same time, I'm thinking I might be able to finish off all of the planting I need to do this weekend since it's supposed to be in the high 50's/low 60's without having any bees dive bomb my head. Wouldn't that be nice! :) I think this will be my final batch of planting as well, at least for the summer stuff. I still need to get my basil started too....sigh. I think I'm might have bitten off more than I can chew. :)

Yesterday I left work early and went in for my regular platelet donation appt. I think I've gone on and on about donating platelets, so I won't repeat it now. I watched one of my all time favorite sappy chick flicks - Sweet Home Alabama. Shut up, it's a good movie. After that, I stopped by my grandparents for a visit. I told them not to cook dinner or anything but of course my grandmother gets offended if you enter her house and don't eat, so I had a cookie with my coffee and left with 1/2 a frittatta she made.

Well, back to debugging my stupid script. :)


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