Saturday, April 1, 2006


Sunburned: Check!
Bruised: Check!
Sore: Check!
Cut: Check!

So, it only took about 9 hours from start to finish yesterday. Here's how it went: Unloaded the flyball equipment out of the car, rented the machine, asked the contruction guy to help get it out of the car, I went over the lawn with the machine and seed (twice), went back over with grub control, went back over with more seed and soil, watered it a bit, planted the rhododendrons on the side, planted the hostas on both sides and along the driveway, planted the gladiolas, planted the yellow daylilies, planted the dahlias, planted the purple daylilies, brought everything into the house, asked my neighbor to help me get the machine back in the car, returned it, and loaded all of the flyball equipment back into the car. Whew!

My hands are junk right now, all beat up, cut, & bruised. My back... we won't even go there - it's trashed. My legs are bruised, but otherwise fine. My shoulders... yikes. They're soooo tight I wonder if they'll ever loosen up! It was a good workout though. I slept *solidly* last night. :)

Kim came over around 7:30 and I had just finished up 15 mins before. I jumped in the shower (which felt oh so good!), got a little energy back, and went out to dinner. We were supposed to go out after dinner for drinks and whatever (maybe a little pool), but we were both pretty tired. :) So we called it a day around 11 or so.

Today I'm being lazy and am enjoying it. :) I have the poker tournament at 1pm. I'm pretty sure I was only invited because I'm an easy cash flow, but whatever. :) It should still be fun! Nobody puts together a party like Sue & Lisa.

I also have to remember that we lose an hour because of the time change tonight. It's really hard for me to get adjusted to it - every year it gets worse and worse. But, I'm really excited about spring and summer this year because of all of the things growing so hopefully it will be better. :)

Millie is being really cute now, relaxing on the love seat so I think I'm gonna go cuddle with her. :)


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