Thursday, April 13, 2006

so much on my mind....

...but first a recap of the past week. :)

I didn't end up going to the movies with *S* on Monday - he's still sick. But *D* called and we went out to dinner instead. Had a good time, relaxing, etc. Didn't end up doing my homework.

Tuesday I had dinner plans with the family at my sister's house. You'd have to know my sister, but let's just say cooking is not one of her strongest domestic skills. :) But, you can't really mess up cooking stuff on the grill, which is what she (actually her husband) did. The food was good, conversation was good, being with my immediate family was great. We had fun. :) (And as you can see Cal, I'm updating my blog) :) Didn't end up doing my homework....again.

Wednesday, I had plans for a quiet night on the couch watching a movie with *D*. That was....ok. I need to work on understanding (tolerating?) how different his personality is from mine. He's soooo quiet, calm, contemplative... nothing phases the man... *ever*. Everything is so non-chalant, no big deal, why worry about something that you can't do anything about, etc., etc. I guess it's not that part that I'm having a hard time with, it's more the level of extremity that gets me. Actually, the fact that I can't read him at all that is most likely the biggest problem. He shows no emotion, his expression doesn't change at all - even his body language is so muted it's hard for me to pick up on anything. I don't know. I don't see this being long-lived if this is how it will always be.

I left work early Wednesday as I had to wait for a delivery and had planned on getting *all* of my homework done because it was due that day by midnight. I didn't get nearly as much done as I would've liked before *D* came over. I jumped right back into it when he left, but I didn't get all of it done until 12:15am. I'm hoping the professor won't care about it being late by 15 mins, but it's quite possible he might so I have to be prepared for the possibility of missing points. It's all my fault anyway - complete product of my own procrastination coupled with my social life taking over my day-to-day life. That's going to stop right now. Enough with the plans on every single night crap - it might hurt my 4.0 GPA!

Moving on, I was again supposed to do something with *S* tonight, but he's still sick - and he can keep it! It was a blessing in disguise that he said yes when I asked if he wanted to reschedule as I had forgotten I had made plans with Sue to have dinner and hang out with one of our cousins, MaryAnne. Ooops. :) Apparently I didn't write that down. Another reason why I need to back off of the social life - I can't keep track of it!

The good part about this coming weekend is that *everyone* has their kids so I'll be able to have some alone time. :) I don't think I have any plans, or I should say, I haven't written down anything I'm supposed to do so I'll have time to get stuff done (laundry, planting, cleaning the deck & firepit area [yes still...], *homework*, etc.) Something is tickling my brain about Donna potentially coming over with the pups, but I'm not sure if that's this weekend or not. I'll have to call her as I obviously didn't write it down... damn it. :) Sunday is Easter so I know I'll be heading over to my grandparents at some point - just have to find out what's going on from my Aunt.

Before leaving early for the day to work from home (I know, work is so tough sometimes...), I attended a seminar that an internal group had put together on the different temperament types. I find that kind of stuff fascinating and always want to learn more. They way the temperament types were explained was different than what I've heard in the past. This particular speaker used types proposed by Hippocrates: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, & Phlegmatic. The theories are similar to those of the Myers-Briggs tests, but according to the speaker, it's the "how" whereas the MB tests are the "why". It defines the underlying nature of people.

These types of tests make me think (I know, what doesn't...) I enjoy taking them, figuring out what they say I am, etc. but I don't think it's the end all-be all that people take them to be. For me, everything is situational. I can't react the same way to the same situation - there are a lot of factors involved; how I'm feeling, what kind of mood I'm in, who's there, what the "it" is, what else I have going on, etc., etc. I don't feel I fit into any of these particular types nice and neat like. I see pieces of myself in all of them. I will concede that there are types that I feel I have more in common with, but again, that really depends on my mood and what else is going on. While I find all of this stuff fascinating, I don't think they provide "answers" like these authors seem to lead us to believe. I think we try so hard to "fit in" and "understand" that we'll accept anything that appears to do that. I have to wonder what I'd become if I tried to squish my soul into one or two of these boxes. Probably not something I'd like very much. That thought is quite depressing actually!

Anywho, for all of you that were bugging me about updating my blog - see what you get? :) Next time you'll be more careful before saying anything. There's that old saying, Be careful what you wish for.... you just might get it. ;)


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