Friday, April 21, 2006

The weather was great...

Yesterday I worked from home for the day as I had to be around for the delivery of the new water heater. The one that's installed now is about 14 years old and on it's way out. :( Ah well. I can't really complain since my father works in the plumbing industry and gets very, very good prices on everything for me. :)

I had all of the windows open and could see the kids frolicing in the grass while sitting at the computer. Because I didn't have to worry about the phone ringing or people stopping by my office, I was about 150% more productive than normal. I will say that the temptation to go outside and frolic with them was very high at times though. :)

I attempted to get a few photos of the flowers open in the sunshine, but the stupid guard bees were still hanging around the front of the house. If you haven't seen Carpenter Bees, well, you're in for a surprise. I don't do well with bugs in the first place. But I especially don't like it when they dive bomb my head and bounce off of it. Yeah, I really dislike that. A lot. So, I made a call to my trusty exterminator Dave. :) Unfortunately, according to Dave, they're just scouting for places to make nests now and there isn't a nest for him to kill. My question is, where did they come from then? Don't they go dormant in a nest? Can't we kill that one? Anyway, he is booked solid until May 8th and can't come until then. :( I'm hoping I'm harassing them enough (from the safety of behind the screens) that they'll think this isn't a good place to nest. :) I really just wish they'd stop going after my head!

Today is a lot cooler and still sunny so I'm hoping I'll get a few good pictures before heading off to work. I'm bringing my can of Bee killer/freezer stuff with me just in case. Last year I was able to peg a few out of the air with the hose and then step on them. I tired that yesterday but apparently I'm a little rusty as all I really managed to do was piss them off. Again, really thankful the males don't have stingers. :)

Yesterday I had a conversation with *S* on IM. He was in the middle of one of his "I'm chaos", "I don't fit in", "I'm artistic", "Nobody understands me" tirades when I decided I didn't want to hear it anymore. I can't stand drama and get enough of it from my mother so I don't need it in someone I'm dating. If you feel the need to keep telling me just how much of a tortured soul you are, then save your breath. You're a tortured soul because you like it. You create the drama and attention because you like it. Don't bitch about people not taking you seriously and at the same time, say something that makes them want to walk away from you. Yes, people suck. Yes, the world isn't fair. Yes, most people are lemmings and crave the safety of not thinking outside the box. Get the f*&% over it. And surprise, surprise... As I sit here typing away in my blog, look who logs on and sends me an "I'm sorry for being an ass yesterday" IM. Great.

Well, before he can go into another tirade, I'm logging off. :)


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