Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This will probably take a billion years to load as I'm not resizing any of them. To see the pictures in waayyyy more detail, click on them - they're *huge* :)

Since I've come out and openly admitted my addiction to growing things, I figured I'd give you a peek into what I'm so proud of. So, here are a few (ok 7) pictures of various flowers in my garden so far. (I think my white double tulips are about to bloom!)

Hyacinths - white; Grape Hyacints - purple:

Pink/Peach Tulips:

Purple Creeping Phlox:

Parrot Tulips:

Parrot Tulip - closeup: (isn't it gorgeous?!)

Cluster of Tulips:

Queen of the Night Tulip:

I'm really excited about the Q0tN Tulip - it looks like it's going to be beyond gorgeous. :)

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